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Chemistry 10 B - Organic Chemistry

Chemistry 10 B textbook continue the first volume Chemistry 9 B. This textbook also was written following the requirements of the B type frame-curriculum for secondary grammar schools compiled by the Ministry of Human Resources. The information with a yellow background contains the requirements for the higher level matura examination and for the chemistry competition.

The main body of the text is full of scientifically important definitions, correlations and facts. This amount of information, along with your teacher’s explanation, is sufficient for the intermediate matura examination. The numbered questions in the text refer to this core material, that a well-prepared secondary grammar school student should be able to answer. Experiments and examinations can help our understanding, therefore they are included in each topic.

The original Hungarian text sometimes is different from the English due to the expressions or terms being used differently in the two languages. Several terms do not even have equivalent forms in English. In such cases, these are indicated in the text in brackets.

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